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That's me

My Story

I have been working in various social fields for 28 years.

I have built up a free carrier and contributed to the growth of this association for many years. It is my profession to advise and accompany people, to act with support and advice.

I was able to help many people and thus make a positive contribution to their future.

The last six years I have been working in the Hamburg Administration, department youth and family Help, and in the last three years, I have led a department with 18 employees.

At the same time, I actively participated in the change processes of the organization in the district.

My experiences are manifold and the experiences with the most different people and cultures have been very rich.

These will be made available to you in the consultation, knowing that you too have numerous positive skills and abilities.

My philosophy & My Guiding Principles

 Reliable positive Creative emphatic  

      Engaged inquiringly strengthening Strong

Communicative Skills Responsible   

   Reflective appreciative potentials promoting  

             Accompanying blind spots identifying    

                       Meeting at eye level.

Here are some hypotheses and inspirations:

  • How hard is it to be normal
  • I have to understand everything
  • What happens if I'm not unforgiving
  • There's more than just black & white
  • What do I need the ego for
  • Human all Too Human (photoshopped).

My goal is to work with you quickly, flexibly and cooperatively.

My goal is to make you strong.

My goal is to make myself redundant.

My goal is to keep the costs low.

My goal is to bring you back into balance.

Call me, write me via the contact form and I will contact you quickly!